Tips on buying prints from my galleries

Tips on buying prints from my galleries

When you are buying prints from my galleries there are a lot of choices. It can be a bit overwhelming.

First of all, be sure to watch the videos of the products you select to see what it will look like.

Tip: Buy prints on my galleries in “lustre” quality, print as big as possible and consider getting a frame separately to save cash.

For details, read on.

Consider buying printed photos and then getting a frame separately.

The framing options available are expensive, but beautiful. Remember, that the cost of the frame as well as the work of framing the picture is included in the price. There are many good choices and you get full control over framing price and style, but have to put in some work yourself.

Print big

Pictures are about visual impact. They remind us of something and trigger an emotion, but in contrast to the real situtation there is no smell, touch or sound and the real world has been scaled down and put into 2d. So the pictures has to do a lot of work to evoke an emotion similar to actually being there. Help the pictures, print them as big as you can get away with to get the full joy out of them.

Printing paper

I use EZ print labs for prints sold from my galleries. They are printed color managed and on very high quality paper for great results. Stored under normal conditions you can expect them last for more than a 100 years. They use Kodak Endura papers for really great results.

I recommend “Lustre” for the best longevity and look for a very high quality print on paper. These will be well suited for most purposes. For framing, consider a matte finish as well, particular for wall-mounted frames as the matte finish gives a wide viewing angle and is less sensible to changing light than a “Lustre” or “Glossy” finish.


Lustre prints offer the best of both worlds: the color saturation of glossy finish with the fingerprint resistance of matte. And none of the glare associated with glossy prints! Read more here.


Coated paper with a dull, no-gloss finish without luster is known as matte finish or just matte. Ink colors often appear softer on a matte finish. Text can be easier to read on matte finish papers than on glossier finishes. Photographs may be more vibrant on glossy paper; however a matte finish can give portraits a softer appearance. It is also well suited for pictures of architecture or monuments, where clarity is crucial. More formal pictures and larger size family pictures and portraits are often printed on matte paper. Another advantage is that fingerprints and smudges are not very visible on a matte photo, wheres they stand out on a glossy finish.


Glossy prints are popular because they show vibrant colors so well. Photos printed on glossy paper tend to appear crisper and sharper, while colors in matte prints tend to be more sounded. Nature and outdoor photos usually look good in a glossy finish. They tend to look good in a scrapbook, whereas matte finished photos are easier to look at in all kinds of light, e.g. in a frame on the wall. Where fingerprints and smudges stand out on a glossy finish, they are usually easy to wipe off.


Photos printed with this option are printed on Kodak Endura Professional Metallic paper, with a rated image stability of at least 100 years in a home. They give a rich, distinctive metallic look with a huge WOW! factor and are very tear resistant and durable. They appear very saturated and with very crisp lines. Well suited for vibrant colors and sharp, contrasty images.

Giclée Watercolor

Heavy paper with a subtle texture. The paper is 100% cotton fiber and is finished with a water-based protective spray.Due to the stunning colors and matte finish, your printed photos will take on the look of a masterpiece painting. Here is a little video illustrating what this finish is all about. This is an expensive and unusual option.

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