Man as a tool-wielder

Man as a tool-wielder   Once I was scolded by a girl for having my attention on some of my tools rather than some other affair she found important. I believe my fascination with the tool at hand (and at a cost to her, according to her) made me seem inhuman to her. Yes, alright, … [Read more…]

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Why Privacy Matters

Why Privacy Matters “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be afraid of”. But we do have something to hide. We all do. How do you behave and look when you wake in the middle of the night and scavenge the fridge or go the the bathroom? Would you do this in … [Read more…]

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Thoughts on Steroids

  Why is it a problem to measure up against others, you may ask. To a degree, nothing. We are social beings and we look at each other and that makes sense to some extent. But if I always must see if what I am and what I did or have stacks up against someone … [Read more…]

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