Photo Highlight: October Light Gallery

Photo Highlight: October Light Gallery. On one of the final days of October I went in search of light and color. Soon it will be winter and the light will be weak and feeble, if not hidden behind the clouds of Danish winter, and the trees will be bare. But on this day the light was … [Read more…]

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Photo Highlight: Darkness Descends

Photo Highlight: Darkness Descends Photo Highlight: Darkness Descends. The caption reads: It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon on a november day. The light was already fading and the sun was sitting low over the horizon. The sky had been blue and my natural impulse was to look towards the sun and enjoy the last … [Read more…]

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Another photo featured on

Another photo featured on! It is a picture of a beached jellyfish that had beautiful brown, amber and orange colors in the sunlight. It caught my eye because it contrasted the even dull and monotonous sand surface. After looking at it for a while I thought it looked beautiful, even in death. See the picture … [Read more…]

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