Aww, look at the little pet!

Aww, look at the little pet!

It is not long ago that I visited my girlfriend’s girlfriend. It is not always interesting. This time, though, we were introduced to  the ferret she took care of for a friend. They are like a cross between a rat and a tiny otter. Slender, stoat-like and always looking for small burrows and corners to cuddle up in.  Look it up, you are already on the internet – or click here.

Well, we sat down for a cup of tea and she let the ferret out of it’s cage. I have to say, I am more of a dog or a cat person, but a pet is a pet, I thought. So I let it run around and sniff my pants and bag without thinking much about it. I am used to read the signals from cats and dogs, and mammals aren’t that different, are they? It looked peaceful enough, running about.

It came to sniff my pants and bit my toe. Vicious creature, I thought and shoved it away firmly. Who would have known how stressed little ferrets can become? It apparently defaults to burrow and hide when stressed and suddenly too many people became too many people. It went up my trouser leg.

They have really sharp claws and they use them when they climb. This one climbed my leg and it stung like nothing else. I started to shake my leg to get the thing out, but It must have gotten more scared because it just tried to get higher up. My trousers don’t have that much extra space around the thighs, but that didn’t stop it. It just dug the claws in deeper.

Now I was starting to get really worried about the topmost content of my trousers and started to undo my belt. The creature saw the “tunnel” opening up and sped up. I sped up. And in a flash, faster than ever, I was naked from the waist down in my girlfriend’s girlfriend’s house. We men talk about stuff like this, being trouser less in the girlfriend’s girlfriend’s house, but I am telling you – it is not at all what I imagined it would be like!


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