It is important to think

Welcome to the blog section of my page. For introductions to the various subjects I am interested in and write about, you should view the individual other sections of my page. There I frame how I approach my subjects so each blog post fits into a larger context. Read below to get an idea about why and how I write or skip it and go see the latests posts. The common denominator is probably that I emphasize critical thinking and not taking things for granted. This goes for democracy and political issues as well as my training methodology and even in photography. It is important to think.

About my writings

I try to be fair, provoking and provide good arguments for my points. There is no way around the fact that some of my posts could be considered controversial and provoking. Particularly with respect to my more political posts. I like that. I think we live in a great country (Denmark) but I also think that many things are not as good as they could be or even worse than they have been. I find that many take things for granted and fail to reflect and question the state of affairs, even when there are obvious problems to deal with. One way of doing so is to raise awareness, give a voice to the frustrations you might have and provide arguments to counter the sometimes very one-sided coverage our media delivers.

I aim to provide a little longer view and give data and examples. We citizens as a whole are myopic, that is, we are “nearsighted” in terms of memory and future. We don’t think that far ahead, so shortsighted political solutions can flourish. We don’t remember that far back and so old scandals can be forgotten and history can repeat itself. Politicians who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy or even criminals can return to the scene and the majority will not remember past sins. While I don’t believe in eternal damnation for mistakes, I think we should be a bit critical when people are in governing positions.

I try not to be too ideological. My political posts are more about democracy than the actual policy being conducted. We can discuss and vote about how to distribute our resources and I am fine with that. But I think we should at least be clear about the consequences of those choices, both in the short run and the long run. And often I find that we are surrounded by misinformation,  deceptions and plain lying. And I think that undermines the democratic process (even if you argue that that itself is part of the democratic process).

Finally, I try to encourage critical thinking. Sometimes what seems to be fishy, seems to be counterintuitive and seems to be wrong (even though you can’t put it into words right now) is wrong. We are told this and that about what the people thinks or given the results of surveys paid for by the very same who need the political results. Does it sound like we should trust the results of these surveys uncritically? We are told many things in the news where there is good reason to think about where they got that result from. The government is our employee and I think it is healthy to ponder whether it exist for us or if we exist for it. Should I feel big or small in front of the government?

Indeed, it is important to think about these things.

About commenting

You can comment on my posts and I hope you will! Perhaps I forgot something or said something that made you think some new thoughts – let me know! Or maybe you disagree. Well, argue back 🙂 But be nice about it!

I try to be respectful of you, the reader, and not just claim stuff. I give you links to examples and data so you have a chance to make up your own mind. So I ask that you are fair in return and do the same.

That’s it – knock yourself out and find your poison in the menu to the right or just go to the newest posts.

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