Photography is my passion

I shoot weddings, portraits, landscapes and nature. I love to make beautiful photographs.

View my portfolio below and be sure not to miss my travel, journeys and series collections at the bottom of this page) or read on.

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Below you will find my portfolio with image-links to the portfolio galleries as well as the growing collection of travels, journey and series. Go and explore! There are many great pictures I would love to show you! You can also find it on Flickr.
It is a mix of professional work, experiments and different styles I oscillate between. If you see something you like let me know. You can also hire me for photo assignments. Perhaps take a look at my dedicated wedding-page.
The pictures I showcase in the portfolio are sorted according to categories I thought made sense - otherwise there is no particular connection between these images. I like them and I thought you might too.

About my pictures

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Unlike Galen Rowell, I am not going to present you with negatives so you can see that the picture you are looking at hasn't been tampered with. You will have to take my word for it (when I claim so). I process the pictures I take to better illustrate the essence and feeling I am trying to capture or I use filters, but in general what you see is what was there - I don't slim the thighs or add in flying saucers!
In my view, from the moment we take a photography, subjective choice is inherently part of the picture, from choice of lens, film, angle, perspective and lighting. All these choices make the photograph represent a subjective view of reality - not anything objective. Besides, the camera does not see the same way we do. It shows, well, what a camera sees, while we humans se things selectively. If you gaze into the eyes of a loved one, the rest of the world fades away and if you look at a kid, all you really see is the face. But the camera mercilessly records everything - also the things we don’t pay attention to.
The whole idea of artistic vision is that the artist sees something that others in the same situation would not see. Or he sees that which captures our attention. Therefore I consider it a key aspect of the photographic process not to try to represent what was "really" there, but instead what best conveys the atmosphere, feeling or point of being there. Sometimes that would mean taking away colors, like in black and white photography, and other times it would mean trying to saturate colors more.
If you like the pictures here, perhaps one in particular, remember that you can buy my photos in print or even framed if you like. It will help me support this site as well as travel and equipment expenses. Now go and browse the galleries or read more about photography in my blog.

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Click on a picture to be taken to its gallery. Consider getting nice print for the wall or as a wallpaper on your screen to support my photography.

Travels, Journeys and Series

Click on a picture to be taken to its gallery. Consider getting nice print for the wall or as a wallpaper on your screen to support my photography.

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