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In early spring 2014 I worked as a teaching instructor in Quantitative Methods I and Quantitative Methods II at Copenhagen Business School. I took the jobs because I missed teaching and coaching - a big part of my job as team manager at YouSee before I started studying at CBS (see also my linkedin profile).

Following that, I ended up tutoring a number of students privately in preparation for the exam in quantitative methods. It was a great success and I got lots of kind words about my help and style. I got to see those moments where people understand things and end up doing some really lovely work.

As a result of all those good experiences, I now offer tutoring in the following areas:

  • Advanced statistics (that is, Quantitative Methods II)

  • Microeconomics at bachelor level

  • Econometrics (it is almost the same as quantitative methods for social sciences)

  • Excel - This is just immensely useful in so many settings!

  • Economic Sociology

  • Method, Method, Method

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Presentation technique (Verbal techniques, making powerpoints stand out)

  • Academic writing technique

  • Structuring larger papers within the Social Sciences

  • Proofreading in English and Danish

About my teaching

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Academically, I am highly qualified to help in the areas I have listed. More importantly, though, I am very good at making YOU highly qualified in those areas. It is no good for you if I can zap through some equations yet cannot help you do the same.

So I emphasize coaching and teaching as my main skills. I was taught to teach in the army when I was training for sergeant. After that, I taught several hundreds of people during my time as a coach at YouSee with very god results. Later on, as manager, one of my responsibilities was to get my team to perform well. I attended many seminars on coaching and learnt to meet people halfway, in that I would rather ask more questions than "tell things". It sounds easy, but it does take some practice :-)

I use various teaching techniques to accommodate the needs of all students.


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Feel welcome to get in touch to hear if I sound like someone you could work with and learn from. My fee is sensible and varies according to the group size:

My fee is 150 DKK/h for single person help and 190 for two persons. Groups of three and above is 230/h. It is cheaper per person to be in a larger group, but the attention I can give each individual student is proportionally less than for individual lessons. I charge 50 % more during weekends and 25 % more after 1800 on weekdays. And yes, it gets really expensive after 1800 in the weekends :-)


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You can book me by sending me an email. Of course you can call as well, but I prefer mail because otherwise I forget what I have said yes to and that won’t do, right?


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