About me

Hi, I’m Asbjørn. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I do photography, writing, academic work and strength training for sport. I also teach, consult and study at Copenhagen Business School.

I am a Photographer

If you want help making some great pictures you should check out my photos and consider hiring me. I sell the best ones, framed and all. I do weddings, pet-pictures, portraits and landscape/nature. You can also have a look at flickr. Read more about my philosophy on photography or my blog posts about photography. They include photo highlights, tips, tricks and much more.

I am an Academic

I am finishing my studies at CBS on sociology, business administration, economy and politics. When I am done I will be a cand.merc.pol. Of course, there is more to my profile than just a few highlevel subjects. I have done some cool electives and work on the side. More on this will appear on my “Academia” page.

I am a Strength Trainee

I train for strength and have done so for years. I have gained about 20 kg since i started so far. I am a strong proponent of heavy, free weights lifting and a strong opponent of steroid abuse. I believe in the ideal that a healthy and strong body house a healthy and strong mind.

I am a Writer

I strongly believe in critical thinking and I indulge in this on my blog. I cover a variety of subjects according to my interests. You will find political topics as well as posts on photography,strength and some of the bizarre events I sometimes experience.

Email and Resume

If you are here in a professional capacity you could get in touch or have a look at my profile on linkedin.

I offer services and consulting

Go and Explore

I think that about covers it. Go and explore the page, my galleries, my blog or drop me an email :-)

All the best,Asbjørn


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